God Provides Safety and Salvation – Psalm 91:9-16

February 16, 2016

Read Psalm 91:9-16 What really frightens you—a car accident about to happen, slippery roads on a dark, stormy night, combat situations in the military, dangerous neighborhoods where you don’t know anybody, the serious illness of a loved one? Situations like these remind us of our vulnerability, and verses from this psalm are often used to bring comfort to our soul. But…

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God Provides Rest and Shelter – Psalm 91:1-8

February 15, 2016

Read Psalm 91:1-8 On a damp morning in March, I was walking onto the front lawn of the campus where a group of Canadian geese were gathered in the wet grass. Nearest me, one was resting quietly, feathers against her body and head tucked under a wing. Suddenly, she wriggled back and forth and spread her wings. As she stood, out…

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God Provides a Place for You – Deuteronomy 26:1-11 (First in Lent)

February 14, 2016

Read Deuteronomy 26:1-11 Some folks grow up in one house or neighborhood and stay in the same place their whole life. But in today’s uncertain world, people may move many times and not feel at home anywhere. My mother said if she had a few sticks of familiar furniture and her family, she could live anywhere. Her widowed sister, however, sold…

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No Easy Task – Matthew 6:16-21

February 13, 2016

Read Matthew 6:16-21 In today’s passage Jesus speaks about two spiritual disciplines and their reward. First, he taught that fasting, much like tithing, praying, or doing good deeds, was to be done in secret so as to not draw attention for the sympathy or accolades of others. Second, Jesus criticized the hoarding of wealth and the greed often associated with financial…

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The Posture of Repentance – Psalm 51:1-17

February 12, 2016

Read Psalm 51:1-17 The darkness of night followed by the spectacle of sunrise serves as a daily reminder to me of God’s power of forgiveness. The pangs of guilt and shame over sin prove that I am a person who daily stands in need of a savior. The pain of sin leads us to plead with our Savior for forgiveness, and…

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Hidden Deeds – Matthew 6:1-6

February 11, 2016

Read Matthew 6:1-6 So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do…to be honored by others” (v. 2, NIV). Jesus taught that the deeds we do in private and that are unseen by others are the ones that please God. He warned us not to be hypocrites, who do good deeds to feed…

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The Horn of Grace – Joel 2:1-2, 12-17

February 10, 2016

Read Joel 2:1-2, 12-17 Jesus’s birth was announced by a multitude of angels but his return will be announced by a ram’s horn. God is holy and just, and God is loving and compassionate. This is why there will be the blast on the horn, awakening those who are in a spiritual stupor. It will be yet another demonstration of his…

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Validation Power – Luke 9:28-36

February 9, 2016

Read Luke 9:28-36 How awestruck Peter, James, and John must have been to see Jesus transformed into light as he spoke with Moses and Elijah that dark night. How amazed they must have been to hear the conversation stream from the light as darkness surrounded them. And what was the conversation between Jesus, Moses, and Elijah about? In the brilliance of…

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Transformation through Relationship – Exodus 34:29-35

February 8, 2016

Read Exodus 34:29-35 I am so grateful for the work God has done in transforming my life. When I draw close to him he draws close to me, and these times of meeting are not without effect. I am not the same man I was twenty years ago, and certainly not the same as even a year ago. God’s holy presence…

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Reverence for God’s Holiness – Psalm 99 (Transfiguration)

February 7, 2016

Read Psalm 99 Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his footstool; he is holy” (v. 5, NIV). What is God’s primary characteristic? I once argued with a group of friends about this very question. One of my friends was adamant that God was loving and compassionate. Another was equally strong in advocating that God was jealous and just. Well,…

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