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Communion: Tips for Talking with Children

If your child begins to ask questions about communion and expresses a desire to participate, here are some suggestions for exploring and preparing your child to participate. Helpful for churches and parents.

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Our Vision Statement: F.R.E.E.

After a year of praying for God’s vision for our church, after searching the scriptures and meeting together in homes to share what the Holy Spirit was revealing to us as a church, I compiled, and prayed, and condensed our collaborative work and came up with F.R.E.E.:

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The Lament Prayer: Being Honest and Raw Before God

Many people struggle in prayer when they suffer. Yet we rarely hear about prayers or songs of lament, even though the lament psalms take up about three-fourths of the Book of Psalms. Sometimes we are unnerved by some of the words and images in these particular psalms.

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Foundations for Faith Building Blocks

The Building Blocks are the questions and answers in The Journey curriculum. These are essential questions about our Christian faith and what we believe. This downloadable document lists all 27 questions and answers, including scripture passages and references.

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