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Graffiti Provides Pathway to Deep Conversations

What started as an effort to clean graffiti from a pedestrian walkway in La Coruña, Spain developed into a “tapestry of relationships” among neighborhood residents, politicians, members of a local church plant, a mission team from Covenant Grove Church in Modesto, California, and local graffiti artists.

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Intergenerational Worship Evaluation

This evaluation is a resource that is available to help you evaluate your church’s engagement in intergenerational worship. This resource will help you think through the importance and the implications of intergenerational worship.

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Our Vision Statement: F.R.E.E.

After a year of praying for God’s vision for our church, after searching the scriptures and meeting together in homes to share what the Holy Spirit was revealing to us as a church, I compiled, and prayed, and condensed our collaborative work and came up with F.R.E.E.:

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Photography and Videography Tips

The following is a two-page document that lists photography and videography tips to help you capture your church, mission, or ministry moments. These tips were created for a workshop several years ago led by the Department of Communication.

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Press Release Template

This sample press release is designed to help local churches and other ministries provide attention-getting press notices to media organizations to help publicize events and programs you want to communicate to your community.

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Resources for Volunteering

This listing is a bibliography of resources which was prepared for distribution at the 2002 Covenant Annual Meeting. At that meeting, a resolution was passed by the delegates with an intent to strengthen our volunteer ministries, both within and outside the church.

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