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Stewardship – Built to Be Missional

The following worship ideas are related to components of stewardship. Give a puzzle piece to each person as they enter the building for the service. Customize the generic points (see download) to deliver your desired message in your unique context and setting. (Previously posted in The Soul of a Steward, Fall, 2003)

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Stations of Creation

The Stations of Creation are a sequence of prayer reflections based upon objects observed in God’s natural world. Intended to enlarge both our gratitude and our stewardship, it is helpful if the rite can be experienced outdoors. It may be celebrated either individually or in a small group, but if the latter, a leader can…

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Stewardship of the Earth (for Children)

Offer each child a candy bar or something that can be mostly used up or abused quickly. Maybe it could be a piece of paper, or a crayon.  Give one to each child, whatever you have chosen to give them.

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Goldfish and Sharing Object Lesson (for Children)

Have enough goldfish crackers for half of the children who are listening to the children’s sermon.  Give that half of the group 2 goldfish crackers, but give the other half of the group none. Tell the group with none how sorry you are that they don’t have any fish. It must be nice to have fish…

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