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Racial Righteousness

The Evangelical Covenant Church is committed to developing tools to assist the local church in moving forward in the area of racial righteousness. There are several experiences in racial righteousness that are available to your church. We hope you will accept our invitation to join us on this journey toward racial righteousness.


Sankofa Journey

The Sankofa Journey is an intentional, cross-racial prayer journey that seeks to assist disciples of Christ on their move toward a righteous response to the social ills related to racism.

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Learning to Love Our Muslim Neighbors

Jesus taught that love of neighbor included individuals and groups who are unlike us; even those we many consider to be our enemies. Learning to love our Muslim neighbors is needed today perhaps more than at any time in recent history. In response, Serve Globally and Love Mercy Do Justice have collaborated to create a congregational training to help ECC churches understand why we are called to love our Muslim neighbors and what practical steps churches can take to live this out.

Learn more about Loving our Muslim Neighbors >

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