Invitation to Racial Righteousness

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“Invitation to Racial Righteousness got the ball rolling for us as a congregation. It began a conversation that has now turned into regular gatherings with people who want to move the conversation on racial reconciliation forward in Lincoln.”

- Rev. Jodi DeYoung Moore, First Evangelical Covenant Church, Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Invitation to Racial Righteousness is an experience designed to challenge participants to deepen their understanding of racial reconciliation and move to a deeper place of personal awareness, responsibility, and action. Building on the biblical foundation of Rev. 7:9, this experience seeks to assist the church in developing a scriptural understanding of racial righteousness, which is the foundation that makes racial reconciliation possible.

We will do this by exploring what it means to:

  • Move from pseudo to true community across ethnic and racial lines;
  • Honestly dialogue about the racial injustices that exist in our society;
  • Recognize the ethnic discrimination and divisions within scripture;
  • Promote personal and community healing and obedience to the will of God.

Participants will then be challenged to form action steps for change, both personally, and corporately.

To learn more about hosting an Invitation to Racial Righteousness event at your church, contact the Love Mercy Do Justice office.

Call: 773-784-3000