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Sentence Stories

Sharing our stories of faith do not have to be long. Telling our story can begin with sentences interspersed in our daily conversations with others. We might say things like:

Without God’s love today, I don’t think I could have loved myself.

Without God’s forgiveness, I would have had trouble forgiving myself.

Without God’s guidance, I would have made a bad decision today.

Without God’s presence, I would have felt completely alone today.

Without Christ’s loving example, I think I would have been focused more on me than on others.

Christ’s sacrifice helps me to sacrifice.

Christ’s love helps me to love others.

Christ being rejected helps me to face rejection.

I’m so thankful for God’s creation.

Without the gift of prayer, I would feel empty.

I really struggled today. I’m thankful God loves me even when I mess up.

I didn’t want to do this today, but then I remembered God was doing it with me.

I was mad at God today. I wanted things to work out differently.

Sometimes I wonder, why God, why? Then I remember how many times God must ask the same of me.

God loves me enough to let me mess up.

It seems hopeless. Christ’s love is helping me to hang on.

Christ helps me to feel worthy instead of worthless.

Even when everything else is falling apart, I’m thankful I can still share the love of Jesus.

Sharing daily comments such as these are a reminder that God is with us; a realization that Christ loves us and has sacrificed himself for us; and an encouragement that we have been given the opportunity to participate in fulfilling God’s will and that there is more to life than just ourselves, our failures, or our successes. It is the sharing of this good news which helps us to live out the good news even when it’s shared one sentence at a time.


Steve Burger

Steve is the Director of Children, Family and Intergenerational Ministries for the Evangelical Covenant Church. He has served churches in New York and Minnesota with his wife Marti, prior to serving in his present position. Their daughter Melissa Wall serves as Pastor of Deer Grove Covenant Church, Palatine, IL, son-in-law, Fredrik serves in the ECC Denominational Offices, and their son Paul and his wife Britta are pastors at Bethany Covenant Church in Mt Vernon, WA. Steve can recall moments from infancy and feels closest to God when he is with children. He is committed to supporting and partnering with those who minister with children, families and intergenerational communities of faith.

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