Below are tools available through the ECC to help children explore their relationship with God and navigate their spiritual pilgrimage at church and at home.

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Downloads and Resources

Christian Formation is our continuing journey of being transformed by the Holy Spirit towards the likeness of Christ, experience and expressing love for God and others, as described in Romans 8:29 and 2 Corinthians 3:17-18. We can teach our children the facts of God’s love and God’s plan, but for it to make a difference in their lives they must experience it in their hearts.

What is Christian Formation? – Download Now
GROW for Children – Learn More
Children as Leaders – Download Now
Ethnic and Cultural Awareness – Download Now
Ministry to Persons with Disabilities – Learn More
A Theology of the Child – Download Now

We discipline the children in our care not to punish them, but in order to disciple them. The goal is not to deter misbehavior, but to show the way for acceptable behavior. To do this effectively, we need to understand both what we are doing and how best to do it.

Why We Discipline – Download Now
Disciplining Toward Maturity – Download Now
Kohlberg’s Levels – Download Now
Discipline Procedures – Download Now
Teacher Overview – Download Now

One of the biggest challenges for many churches is ensuring that there are enough people with enough training to minister to and with children. The following downloads offer suggestions on how and why to recruit, prepare, and affirm ministry volunteers.

Recruiting – Download Now
Preparing – Download Now
Affirming – Download Now
Teacher Overview – Download Now
The Call to Disciple Children – Download now

When engaging children in a formational ministry, it is important to recognize where they are coming from, as far as which learning approaches and teaching methods work best for them. It is also important to be sensitive to the realities of the culture of the children in your ministry.

Learning Approaches – Download Now
Teaching Methods – Download Now
Ministry and Culture – Download Now
Praying with Children – Download Now

Here you will find an overview of the cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and spiritual developments of children, and their implications for spiritual nurturing. You will also find additional tips for the home. Each download is organized within the GROW framework to assist you in planning.

Birth to 2 – Download Now
Ages 2 to 4 – Download Now
Ages 4 to 6 – Download Now
Ages 7 to 8 – Download Now
Ages 9 to 11 – Download Now

Regardless of whether your ministry takes a relational or programmatic approach, whether you mainly do intergenerational or peer-based ministry, it is important that your church be able to articulate the what you are doing, where, and why. The following downloads will help you do this as well as help you plan for each year and for specific individual ministries.

    1. Ministry Planning Tool Introduction – Download
    2. Transformational Ministry – Download
    3. Exemplary Ministry Tool – Download
    4. Values, Mission and Vision Statements – Download
    5. Children and Family Ministry Overview – Download
    6. Ministry Development – Download
    7. Formation/Worship Options – Download
    8. Children’s Ministry Models – Download
    9. Children’s Ministry Check List – Download
    10. Writing Objectives – Download
    11. Curriculum Evaluation – Download
    12. Room Evaluation – Download
    13. Parent Conversations – Download

For a complete listing of “discipleship” resources from the Evangelical Covenant Church related to children, click here.