Short-term trip, long-term impact.

When you embark on a MERGE trip, you are part of a larger mission. You are continuing the work of those who went before you as well as preparing the way for those who follow.

With more than twenty years of experience, MERGE is prepared to custom design your trip to share your unique gifts and abilities to further the kingdom of God and enhance what your hosts are doing in their community.

Our mission is to share and experience God’s love through an ongoing physical, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual exchange; to use your group’s unique gifts, talents, and abilities with those of others; to encourage lives; to share the gospel of Jesus Christ; to build the body of Christ; and to glorify God.

Anyone can MERGE

MERGE hosts trips for youth groups, family teams, college students, young adults, men and women’s teams, construction teams, medical teams, and others. If you have a group, we have an opportunity.

MERGE provides Covenant churches opportunities to partner with other ministries. As a goal, MERGE is committed to support churches in developing long-term partnerships with cross-cultural ministries and communities.

Our Trips

Customized Trips

We work with you to create meaningful and healthy mission trips. Partner with one of our organizations, encourage local ministries and enhance what they are doing in their communities.

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Disaster Response Trips

Merge is sponsoring Disaster Response and Rebuilding trips for Covenant Churches in partnership with Love Mercy Do Justice.

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Youth Pastor Vision Trips

Vision trip where youth pastors learn about the culture, ministry, and social/spiritual issues of the area.

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SEEDs Trips

Pre-planned trips for individuals, couples, families, and small groups. This is a great way to get to know new people while working with them on the field.

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Our Impact