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Gather 2019 Delegate Summary Report Now Available

OMAHA, NEB. (July 30, 2019)–Gather 2019 brought a record number of Evangelical Covenant Church delegates to Omaha. Neb., to decide weighty matters, ordain ministers and install leaders. This link to the delegate summary provides an overview of Gather 2019. As a delegate, you have the privilege of sharing this information with your congregation. Related news releases covering events at Gather 2019 are also available at, and you can find the video archives of the event at

Delegates may use these highlights to deliver an official report to a congregational board, council or leadership team. Some Covenant churches publish this information as part of their congregational newsletters. We invite you to use this summary in whatever way it will best serve you and your congregation. Please also stay updated on all things Covenant all year long by subscribing to the new CovChurch app at, through signing up for Covenant Newswire at and through reading feature stories at

In the event the above link to the Delegate Summary Report PDF file does not work correctly, copy and paste this URL:

In addition, the Annual Meeting Delegates participated in a Prayer of Lament after the vote on the involuntary removal of First Covenant Church of Minneapolis. In the case of a malfunctioning link, the URL for the prayer is: