Refugee Journey

We are in the middle
of the largest
forced migration
of people ever
in recorded history.

Today, more people have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict and crisis than any other time on record. These are unprecedented days and it is time for us as a church to respond. The Refugee Journey, an initiative of Serve Globally and Covenant World Relief, allows us to learn a piece of the story of what it means to be a refugee and gives us a glimpse into real-life journeys of refugees from Syria and South Sudan, two of the largest refugee producing countries right now.

The Refugee Journey allows us to:

1. Become aware of the story of refugees.
2. Engage with issues of injustice faced by refugees.
3. Work together to raise funds for the work of the Evangelical Covenant Church through Serve Globally missionaries and Covenant World Relief to respond to the refugee crisis around the world.

Though the need is great, we find hope as we join the work God is already doing. As “partners in transformation,” Covenant World Relief hopes for transformation both in the communal and personal aspects of the Refugee Journey. We are working for transformation in refugee communities, and we also hope for transformation in each of us. We hope we would become like Christ and come to see refugees as our brothers and sisters and worthy of dignity and respect as we develop new understandings of conflict, displacement, and the lives of other people.

Won’t you join us on the journey?