Chile Earthquake

Chile Earthquake

In February 2010, Chile was struck by an earthquake that resulted in much devastation. Covenant World Relief is responding to the disaster in partnership with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Chile.

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Chile Quake Reminds Residents of Last Year’s Disaster

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck near here on Friday caused no apparent damage, but frightened area residents who lived through last year’s deadly quake and resulting tsunami, said Luciano Silva, pastor of the Mission Friends Covenant Church in Tome, Chile…Read more

Approaching Winter Refocuses Chile Relief Efforts

As Chile’s damp and very cold winter sets in, local Evangelical Covenant churches are refocusing their relief and reconstruction work to help survivors of the deadly earthquakes and tsunami…Read more…

Chile Churches Helping Neighbors Rebuild Lives
The high-pitched grind of a chainsaw, mixed with the rhythmic pounding of hammers driving nails, echoed through the tent walls in the refugee camp on a hillside…Read more…

Chile Congregations Reaching Out to Help Neighbors
Two Covenant Church of Chile congregations are helping provide their communities and others with education, trauma counseling, food and water as the country struggles to help its citizens…Read more…

Covenant World Relief Closely Monitoring Chile Developments
Covenant World Relief is in conversation with its partner World Relief International and is closely monitoring developments following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated…Read more…