Libya Violence

Libya Violence

Covenant World Relief is partnering with Medical Teams International to provide medical supplies to those caught in the incredible violence in Libya. More and more innocent people have become victims of this conflict.

We have already sent the funds for one International Emergency Health Kit (IEHK) which will provide the essential medicines and supplies necessary for treating up to 10,000 people for a three-month period. Each medical kit costs $8,000 and an additional $2,500 for the air transport. Medical teams are also being sent to provide hands-on care and relief to the strained medical system in Libya.



CWR Funds Critical in Treating Victims of Conflict
TUNISIA (June 15, 2011) The nine-year-old boy was playing outside his house in Libya when a sniper shot him in the head…Read more

Updates from Libya
Covenant World Relief continues to partner with Medical Teams International to provide life-saving medical relief to the victims of the violence in Libya. One of their doctors has just returned from serving in refugee camps in Tunisia…Read more

CWR Funds at Work in Several Regions
CHICAGO, IL (April 21, 2011) – Recently released funds from Covenant World Relief continue to assist humanitarian efforts in Libya, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Japan…Read more

Libyan Unrest Complicates Delivery of Aid
PORTLAND, OR (March 18, 2011) – Medical Teams International (MTI) is considering how the organization can continue providing desperately needed care in Benghazi, Libya, and other communities following the United Nation’s decision to enforce a no-fly zone and the government’s subsequent declaration of a ceasefire…Read more

CWR Providing Assistance to Libyan Victims
CHICAGO, IL (March 10, 2011) – Covenant World Relief (CWR) sent funds today to help provide medical kits and provide support for personnel for hospitals in east Libya…Read more