1990 Eastern Europe

Presented by the Commission on Christian Action, adopted by the delegates to the 105th Covenant Annual Meeting.

WHEREAS, we believe that world events are in the hands of God; and

WHEREAS, we gratefully recognize the recent political and economic changes in Eastern Europe; and

WHEREAS, we celebrate God’s providence in enabling the Christian church in Eastern Europe to survive and in many places to grow despite oppression and attempted repression, and

WHEREAS, we acknowledge the unity of all believers in Christ and our need for fellowship with each other; and

WHEREAS, we are commanded to support, encourage, and help our brothers and sisters in Christ, both spiritually and physically; now therefore be it


1) that the Evangelical Covenant Church affirm our unity with Eastern European Christians and the expansion of our partnership with the International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches;

2) that the Evangelical Covenant Church encourage prayer for Eastern Europe, specifically:

  • for guidance for the political and spiritual leaders in Eastern Europe;
  • that the Christian church in Eastern Europe keep and strengthen its commitment to Christ in the midst of political and economic change; and
  • that Eastern Europe Christians can respond positively to the demands of changing economic and political circumstances, including the need for leadership; and

3) that the Evangelical Covenant Church encourage exchanges with the Christian church in Eastern Europe

  • to promote mutual inspiration, support, and cooperation;
  • to present the gospel (including Christian education and missions); and
  • to explore opportunities to share information and resources (e.g, in medicine, education, and business).

4) that the Board of World of the Evangelical Covenant Church, in consultation with the church in Eastern Europe, study ways os sending short-term and/or career missionaries, Bibles, and other personnel and support materials and report their recommendations to the 106th Annual Meeting.

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