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2001 Resolution on Welfare Reform and Faith-based Initiatives

Presented by the Central Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, adopted by the delegates to the 116th Covenant Annual Meeting.

WHEREAS the federal government, through the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, Section 104, revised the welfare law, and;

WHEREAS the federal government is currently pursuing the concept of charitable choice and faith-based funding for the poor and needy, and;

WHEREAS issues of partnership between various faith groups and the federal and state governments require responsible dialogue among all concerned while providing maximum assistance to those who need it most, and;

WHEREAS the Commission on Church and Society of the Central Conference seeks to foster dialogue and responsible decision-making on the broadest spectrum of leadership and participation; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Annual Meeting of the Central Conference, 2001, recommend that the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church, 2001, go on record, affirming:

a) further discussion regarding the implications for local chuches and conferences of said welfare reform and faith-based initiatives;

b) new ministries by Covenant chuches to the poor and at risk of their communities;

c) the appropriate and responsible pursuit of private and public funding for these ministries.

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