2010 Criminal Justice

Presented by the Christian Action Commission, adopted by the delegates to the 125th Covenant Annual Meeting.

The Resolution on Criminal Justice highlights injustice within the U.S. criminal justice system and invites Christians, Covenant churches, and the Evangelical Covenant Church to a Christ-like response. As we seek God’s kingdom in this world, God gives us a passion to seek justice and fair treatment for all our neighbors.

Summary of Resolution – Download now
2010 Resolution on Criminal Justice – Download now
Spanish version – Download now
Discussion Guide – Download now
Criminal Justice Ministry Resource Sheet – Download now
Bulletin Insert – Download now

Background on this Resolution:

At the 2009 Annual Meeting, the Christian Action Commission (CAC) presented a Resolution on Criminal Justice to the delegates. That year the CAC also proposed a new format for reviewing/adopting resolutions; a resolution will be presented in draft format for the church to review and adopted in its final format at the following year’s Annual Meeting. The year-long review process for resolutions is intended to help create time and space for greater awareness, reflection, and education throughout the wider church on the topic addressed in a resolution, as well as keep the draft open for churches and individuals to submit comments or edits.

The CAC encourages churches to spend some time reflecting on the resolution and learning about the topic addressed. A one-page resource sheet and discussion guide have been provided by the CAC for church, small group, or individual use to help begin exploration of the topic.

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