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Resolution on Concern for People with Disabilities (2016)

Presented by the Commission on Christian Action Commission, adopted by the delegates to the 112th Covenant Annual Meeting.

We continue to recognize our obligation and opportunity to speak and act in areas of awareness, advocacy, employment and social justice, in cooperation with and in behalf of persons with disabilities. Therefore, as the 1987 Annual Meeting Resolutions on Disabilities affirmed, “We pledge ourselves to be the caring community according to 1 Corinthians 12, paying special attention to the needs and gifts of people with physical, sensory, mental and emotional impairments.”

We affirm and commend congregations, organizations, and institutions throughout the Covenant that are already pace-setters for us in matters of justice and inclusion for persons with disabling conditions. Such commendation includes, but is not limited to: the work of Covenant Women Ministries and Covenant Enabling Residences; the policy in recent years enabling youth with disabilities to attend CHIC, the new emphasis on compassion, mercy, and justice of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence; those congregations with educational, recreational, and social programs for persons with special needs; local churches that have elected persons to boards and committees who in past years might have been overlooked, or unable to enter the building; all who have gone to the effort and expense of installing elevators, ramps, assistive listening systems, constructing pew cuts, giving platform access, remodeling bathrooms, etc.

In the name and spirit of Christ, we pledge ourselves to leadership in these concerns by the example of our common life, employment practices, attitudes, and efforts.

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