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Discovering the passions, knowledge, skills, and gifts that each person brings to the congregation and beginning to uncover how those assets can empower mission. HMS is an asset assessment workshop for congregations. This workshop can be done virtually or in person, however doing it in person is the most impactful because of the visuals created by the participants. Based on the Great Commandment, the purposes of the workshop are:

  • To help participants discover their areas of expertise, their passions, their spiritual gifts and their skills which are the assets that they bring to the whole body.
  • To help participants gain an overall picture of how they are “wired” to serve God.
  • To help a congregation see the giftings that each person brings to the church.
  • To help church leadership to know the assets of the congregation that can be included in strategic ministry plans.
  • To help each person know what specific next step he/she can take to accomplish the church’s mission.
  • This workshop uses a combination of visual and auditory instruction, discussion in both large and small groups, brainstorming, videos, graphics, and music to meet the learning needs of the community.


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