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Covenant Yearbook (2013-2014)

The Covenant Yearbook is an annual directory of Covenant entities with addresses and additional information, including Annual Meeting documents, Evangelical Covenant Church Constitution, rules for the Ordered Ministry, World Mission areas, the year’s necrology, ministerium minutes, and a directory of Covenant affiliations and institutions.

To order a print version of the entire yearbook including ministerium and church contact information, order through the Covenant Bookstore. For contact information for board members or other questions, email yearbook(at)covchurch.org.

PLEASE NOTE: Some documents from the Covenant Yearbook are sensitive in nature and are therefore protected with secure access through CovConnect. To view these documents, you’ll need to login to CovConnect. If you are a pastor or chair of a search committee, you can access this information with your current CovConnect username and password. If you do not know your login credentials, please contact the Department of the Ordered Ministry at covconnect(at)covchurch.org. Others may email yearbook(at)covchurch.org for login information.

Mission of the Evangelical Covenant ChurchDownload now

DirectoryDownload now

Roster of Ministers and Missionaries
Ministers and Missionaries List.pdf – Download now (secured)
Widows, Necrology, Ordinands.pdf – Download now (secured)

Local Church Data
Church Information and Personnel – Download now (secured)
Church Statistics – Download now (secured)
Covenant World Mission Areas – Download now

Constitution and Bylaws – Download now
Rules for the Ordered Ministry – Download now

128th Annual Meeting Documents
This .zip file includes the following: Annual Meeting Program 2013, Minutes of the Ministerium, Minutes of the Annual Meeting, and Roll of DelegatesDownload now

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