Communion Wafers

Order Your Communion Wafers, Made with Love by Women at The Home of Hope in India.

Covenant World Relief & Development has been partnering with the Hindustani Covenant Church and Covenant Social Service in India since 2006 to bring hope and restore dignity to women who are rescued from human trafficking.

These sisters are survivors of the violence of sex trafficking. With the support of The Free Initiative, our sister denomination, the Hindustani Covenant Church in India, works to combat sex trafficking, by providing holistic services where the women participate in their own empowerment and transformation.

Through the making and the selling of these communion wafers, these women are learning new job skills, and together with other livelihood development, they are finding new ways to support themselves and their families and inviting the global Church to experience the powerful transformative story of the love, hope, and light of Jesus through their witness.

As we partake in communion, may we remember these beautiful women in India and all those who remain trapped in a cycle of trafficking locally and globally.

Wafers are gluten-free and are shipped in packages of 500. We ask for a donation of $25 plus shipping and handling for each pack. All proceeds support Free’s partnership with the Hindustani Covenant Church and the Home of Hope in India.