Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find out about the areas where missionaries need prayer? Is there a prayer guide for Covenant missionaries?

Prayer is so important to mission. The Serve Globally Prayer Calendar is produced annually and is made available each year at the Annual Meeting in June. Copies may be ordered online through the Covenant Bookstore. The Serve Globally Prayer Calendar is an excellent guide for prayer. You can pray for specific missionaries daily as well as learn about their work.


Our church wants to support a missionary. How do we get started?

Your church can select an individual missionary with which to partner. Visit our missionaries section to learn about Covenant missionaries and their ministries. You can contact Serve Globally and we can give you the names of the missionaries that are involved in ministry in the areas that interest your church.

Is there a list of projects that I might be interested in supporting financially? Where can I find it?

Visit our projects area to find projects in a variety of locations and ministries.

Visit our projects, ministries and regions pages to find projects in a variety of locations and ministries.


What if my church wants to go on a mission trip?

Visit our Vision Trips or Merge Trips to learn about the opportunities available through Serve Globally.

What if I want a work team to come to my church or camp to help with a project?

Please contact Merge Ministries, which facilitates contact between those who want a work team to visit and those that would like to be part of a project.

What if I, or someone else in my church, want(s) to become a missionary?

Visit our "Become a Missionary" page and learn more on how to become a missionary through the Evangelical Covenant Church.

What if I want to visit a missionary?

Contact the missionary you are looking for and ask if you may visit. There may also be a mission trip to the place where a missionary is serving. Visit our Vision Trips and Merge Trips pages to find out about these opportunities.


How do I get to know our missionaries?

Communicate with a missionary directly or request that a missionary visit your church.

How do I schedule a missionary at my church, camp or retreat?

Contact us at

What is home assignment?

Home assignment is the term Serve Globally uses to refer to the time missionaries spend visiting churches when they are back in the United States and Canada.

Can we send letters or packages to missionaries?

Check with the missionary and/or your post office for postal rates for letters and contact the Serve Globally office for addresses. When considering mailing a package, contact your missionary to see if this is advisable. In some countries, missionaries must pay a steep fee to receive a package from abroad.

Can I email missionaries?

Yes, but there are countries that charge "per page" fees. Please also pay attention to security issues as some missionaries serve in countries where this is a concern. Other missionaries cannot receive attachments due to technical limitations in their country of service. You can find email addresses in the Serve Globally Prayer Calendar. We suggest you don't send "spam" or mass emails.

How can I encourage my missionary?

Partner with missionaries through prayer or by giving to their ministry financially. Write to them. Find out what would encourage them. Maybe they need some chocolate or peanut butter. You would be surprised at the things not available in some countries.