Education Matters

Education Matters

Education Matters

Education for girls in Congo opens opportunities for the future, strengthens girls to take steps to become leaders in their communities, and equips them to make decisions regarding their future. Education helps students flourish and live into God’s calling on their lives.

Women ministries has partnered with Lycée Vanette because we want to be a part of the education of these young women who can be agents of change for Jesus in their communities and churches.

Being a girl in Congo:

-70% of the population lives in poverty

-Children from the poorest families are four times more likely to never attend school

-Boys are consistently favored over girls when it comes to school expenses

-“Girls empowered with an education will delay marriage, have fewer children, earn a higher income, and are more likely to invest in their families and communities. When girls gain skills, knowledge, and confidence they break the cycle of poverty and help strengthen societies.” –Time Magazine