The Covenant Ministerium

The Covenant Ministerium consists of all who hold ministerial credentials through the Evangelical Covenant Church. These people are ordained, licensed, commissioned, or consecrated as a minister or missionary. The Covenant Ministerium:

  1. Considers and acts upon the licensure, ordination, commissioning, consecration, and discipline of ministers and missionaries in accordance with the Rules for the Ordered Ministry and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Evangelical Covenant Church
  2. Seeks to raise the spiritual, ethical, and professional standards of the Ministerium
  3. Strengthens the bonds of Christian fellowship among the members of the Ministerium
  4. Renders help to members of the Ministerium in times of special physical, personal, or spiritual need
  5. Assists in the recruiting and selection of candidates for the Christian ministry and to work with North Park Theological Seminary in the matriculation of students


The Elements of Good Standing

To maintain good standing, a credentialed Covenant minister must do the following:

  1. Pay annual dues to the treasurer of the conference in which the minister serves. Status can be checked by contacting one’s conference ministerium treasurer. Military Chaplains should contact the Ministerium’s Executive Committee treasurer; missionaries should contact World Mission.
  2. Complete a current profile on CovConnect. The profile should be updated every 3 years in order to qualify as “current.”
  3. Complete the Vocational Growth Tool (VGT) each year. The VGT is found under the resources tab within CovConnect.
  4. Maintain regular healthy connections with ECC ministerial colleagues. This can be achieved in a number of creative ways from attendance at retreats and Midwinter to regular phone or Skype conversations.




Executive Board of the Ministerium

  • Rev. Taylor Burgoyne, President 
  • Rev. Dieula Previlon, Vice-President 
  • Rev. Laurie Cornell, Secretary 
  • Rev. Ruby Varghese, Vice-Secretary 
  • Rev. Eric Hedberg, Treasurer – confidential account accessed only by the Executive Board of the Ministerium.


Conference Chairs

  • Alaska Conference | Todd Michero –
  • Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada | Eric Hedberg –
  • Central Conference | Rick Lindholtz –
  • East Coast Conference | Whitney Hall –
  • Great Lakes Conference | Joe Muzzi –
  • Midsouth Conference | Ted Law –
  • Midwest Conference | Heidi Wiebe –
  • Northwest Conference | Darren Olson –
  • Pacific Northwest Conference | Kurt Notehelfer –
  • Pacific Southwest Conference | Laurie Cornell –
  • Southeast Conference | Liz Jensen –