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Covenant History and Identity

The Covenant Quarterly

The Covenant Quarterly is published by the Evangelical Covenant Church, primarily with the purpose of serving Covenant clergy, but also producing articles and book reviews of general pastoral interest.

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Divorce and Remarriage, Occasional Paper

This paper on divorce and remarriage was written by Klyne Snodgrass, Paul Brandel Professor of New Testament at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, and originally presented at the Annual Meeting of the Ministerium of the Evangelical Covenant Church in Tacoma, Washington, in 1989. It was updated in 2008.

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Baptism Documents

The Policy on Baptism in the Evangelical Covenant Church, approved by the Covenant Ministerium, was adopted by the 1998 Covenant Annual Meeting. A Theology of the Child is a brief paper written by John E. Phelan Jr. and Donald H. Madvig (1997). Covenant ministers must also read the two additional documents below before signing the Policy on Baptism.

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Glad Hearts

This is a compilation of the comments and reflections on theology, church life, and the personal walk of faith. Biblical commentary is included in generous measure, along with meditation, admonition, and celebration.

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