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Narrative Budget

Tell the story that your church is on mission—not “just” an institution to be maintained through staff, buildings, mortgage, and administration. And celebrate!

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Mission and Ministry Annual Report | 2021-22

From our humble beginnings in 1885 as a life renewal movement, the Evangelical Covenant Church has earnestly sought to go deeper in Christ and further in mission. We give thanks for all that God accomplished through our mission and ministry together, in 2021.

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Stewardship Resources

Compiled by Stewardship Commission, the Stewardship Starter Kit resource is for churches and stewardship committees to use as they evaluate stewardship needs in their own churches. The kit contains everything from pledge cards to stewardship calendars to bulletin inserts on the three stewardship areas of earth stewardship, life stewardship, and financial stewardship.

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Loving and Giving Brochure

This brochure presents a holistic biblical perspective on stewardship. The pamphlet speaks to why, how, what, and where we give, with an emphasis placed on the head, heart, and hands.

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