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Pastoral Growth and Care

Thriving in Ministry

The Thriving in Ministry work focuses on pastoral resiliency. It is our purpose to provide an alternative to isolation and stagnation for our pastors, missionaries,

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On Being a Healthy Pastor

CR-DocumentThe central matter of “On Being A Healthy Pastor” is to clearly articulate components of ministerial health so that both ministers and those who care for them have the language to assess health.

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Project Deborah

“Project Deborah” is an initiative of the Commission on Biblical Gender Equality, encouraging pastoral leaders to identify and encourage women in their ministry contexts with leadership gifts. Download this brochure or visit the Project Deborah webpage to learn more.

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Theology of Singleness

This paper seeks to treat singleness from a theological perspective as one faithful form of discipleship, alongside marriage, and to imagine how people who are

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Housing the Sacred

Housing the Sacred reflects veteran Covenant pastor Glen Wiberg’s high understanding of the sermon and liturgy – the space created by language for the sacred, where people are transformed as they encounter God. Challenging pastors to approach the task of preaching with respect and humility, Wiberg offers insights into the creative and intellectual process of developing a sermon, including the various steps along with a sample of his own work.

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Prayers Public and Personal

This book by Arthur A.R. Nelson is an invaluable resource for pastors as they minister to individuals in times of pain and grief, and in times of significance and celebration. This small volume is designed to be carried during visitation to hospital and home, and includes prayers for a multitude of unique pastoral situations, Scripture passages, and selected services from The Covenant Book of Worship.

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