Global Service License

Global Service License

Description of License

The Global Service License is for all Project Missionaries and for those Short Term Missionaries who will be engaged in church ministries in their countries of service. It is intended to provide credentials for those who do not qualify for ordination to word and sacrament, ordination to word and service, or commissioning but are serving as ECC missionaries. This license is valid for the duration of the missionary’s call and authorizes the holder to perform appropriate functions, subject to government regulations.


The Global Service License is for project missionaries and short term missionaries in the ECC.


  • Membership in a Covenant congregation
  • Participation in the Global Service orientation program recommended by the Serve Globally Committee of the Executive Board of the ECC and approved by the Board of the Ordered Ministry
  • Submission of a completed Minister’s Profile Form, signed baptism statement and background check, criminal record screening, and licensing paper.


  • Once the candidate meets the requirements for the credential, he or she contacts Serve Globally for a license packet.
  • Serve Globally sends the packet to the candidate.
  • The candidate completes all of the necessary paperwork, making sure to sign the license application and check all boxes. He or she then sends all of the paperwork back to Serve Globally.
  • Serve Globally receives this paperwork, making sure that none of it is incomplete or missing. If necessary, they contact the candidate to inform him or her of what is missing.
  • The Serve Globally Committee on Ministerial Standing interviews the candidate. The committee makes its recommendation.
  • Once the candidate has received a favorable interview, Serve Globally may make copies of all license paperwork for its records, and then sends all originals to the Department of the Ordered Ministry.
  • At this time, the Department of the Ordered Ministry will issue the license. The license is in effect for the duration of the missionary’s call (up to five years).