1: Orientation Studies

Four orientation courses in the areas of history, theology, ethics, and the mission and ministry of the Covenant have been designed to provide a common education experience. Courses are led by experienced Covenant faculty and are designed to explore topics from a distinctly Covenant perspective. Courses are offered during the Covenant Midwinter Conference and at other venues around the country throughout the year, making them accessible to students serving in a wide range of locations and ministries.


History of the ECC | 39 hours (available for three graduate credits)
Theology of the ECC | 39 hours (available for three graduate credits)
Mission & Ministry | 26 hours
Sustaining Vocational Excellence | 26 hours

All courses require preparation in the form of pre-reading and possible time online to maximize the time spent in the actual classroom setting. Courses fall are under the jurisdiction of our academic policies. To learn more about the current course schedule, click here.

“New friendships, supportive relationships, and collegial exchange were wonderful byproducts of this program. I trust this important part of the [Covenant Orientation] experience will be continued. Also notable was the balance I experienced between lecture, other presentational formats, and class interaction. Obviously intentional and typically well executed, the substantial small group interaction provided a practical and interpersonal element that was satisfying and beneficial.” – Randy Schott
“A strength of the Orientation program is that it brings pastors from many different walks of life together. I really enjoyed rooming with different guys while in Chicago taking the classes. The relationships I formed also helped my understanding of what the Covenant denomination is about. We value relationships and we learn and grow much better when we do so together. I was able to learn through conversation how different churches and different pastors conduct their ministries and what their Sunday morning worship experiences look like. This aspect of the program helped me to understand the diversity within our denomination.” – Tom Noble