1: Orientation Studies

Four orientation courses in the areas of history, theology, ethics, and the mission and ministry of the Covenant have been designed to provide a common education experience. Courses are led by experienced Covenant faculty and are designed to explore topics from a distinctly Covenant perspective. Courses are offered during the Covenant Midwinter Conference and at other venues around the country throughout the year, making them accessible to students serving in a wide range of locations and ministries.


History of the ECC | 39 hours (available for three graduate credits)
Theology of the ECC | 39 hours (available for three graduate credits)
Mission & Ministry | 26 hours (available for three graduate credits)
Vocational Excellence | 26 hours (available for one graduate credit)

All courses require preparation in the form of pre-reading and possible time online to maximize the time spent in the actual classroom setting. To learn more about the current course schedule, click here.