Program Fee

Covenant Orientation assesses a program fee of $5,030. The program fee includes a $100 non-refundable application fee to be sent with the application. After your deposit of $100, the remaining $4,930 is divided into four equal payments of $1,232.50, one per class. Classes must be paid for before they are taken. Alternate payment schedules that work better with pastors’ and churches’ budgets are acceptable.

Pastors with the Bi-vocational License or over 60 years of age, only take the Vocational Excellence class at a cost of $1,332.50 (includes the $100 application fee).

If you are serving under a church-planter’s agreement, SG Missionary, Canadian pastor or are an Alaska Bush Pastor, please note that on your application.

The program fee includes:
  • the course itself;
  • the conference fee for courses taken during the Midwinter conference; and
  • self-understanding tools used by the ministry class.
The program fee does not include:
  • course readers;
  • transportation;
  • lodging and meals; or
  • registration for Covenant Life Experiences other than the Midwinter conference.