Award Program

Award Program

ACCW has an annual awards program for the purpose of recognizing contributions to women in ministry. There are six different bi-annual awards. Three are awarded each year at the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Annual Meeting. To nominate candidates for each of these awards, download the ACCW Guidelines and Application forms. Nominations must be received by May 1 of the awarding year.

The ACCW became an awarding association in 2006, in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the Covenant’s decision to ordain women. The ACCW Awards Program is another medium through which the diverse ministries of women can be highlighted and their stories shared. It is our objective to find varying ways to share these stories with wider audiences to give witness to the faithfulness of God to all who are called into kingdom service.

Nomination Forms

Use the following forms to nominate a woman who deserves to receive one of our 2014 awards listed below. Please mail nomination forms to: ACCW Awards, 4617 Wendover Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083 or email to: accwecc(at)

The Priscilla Pastorate Grant – Download now
The Anderson/Nordlund Missionary Grant – Download now
The Mordecai Award for Outstanding Partnership – Download now


In odd-numbered years, the following awards are given:


The Priscilla Pastorate Grant is a $1000 grant offered to a full-time female pastor (senior, co-pastor, associate, youth, or children) in a Covenant church and in good standing in the Covenant Ministerium. The award will be paid directly to the church on behalf of the recipient. Women may self-nominate.


The Anderson/Nordlund Missionary Scholarship is a $500 scholarship for continual training/education awarded to a full-time female missionary called by the church, on assignment through Covenant World Mission and supported by a local Covenant church.


The Mordecai Award for Outstanding Partnership is a way to recognize the work of men who have served as partners to women in ministry. This award is offered to a nominated male minister in an ECC setting (administrators, teachers, pastors, missionaries, etc) who has demonstrated active support of women in ministry, through providing advocacy, resources, support, and dialogue on behalf of all women in ministry. Candidates may not self-nominate.