If you are a Covenant clergy person or a student preparing for Covenant ministry, ACCW invites you get involved! There are three ways to connect.

  • Regional connections for clergy women during conference gatherings and through a specific liaison.
  • Denominational connections for all clergy during Midwinter Conferences and Annual Meetings.
  • Financial connections of sharing in the work of advancing Covenant clergy women through contribution and decision-making membership in ACCW.
  • Resources – The Biblical Gender Equality Commission exists to educate people in biblical equality regarding gender; to advocate for justice in the structure of the church regarding gender; to equip the church to articulate the truth about Biblical equality regarding gender; and to advocate for the modeling of women in ministry and leadership in all possible venues within the church. – Learn more.

Regional connections

ACCW encourages fellowship, care, advocacy and support of clergy women on the conference level by having a liaison in each conference who helps connect women and men clergy. The ACCW liaison board members gather ACCW women and male clergy partners during their conference annual meetings, during pastor’s retreats and during women ministries retreats. Additional gatherings may be planned as desired by the women clergy of the conference. The purpose of regional gatherings of ACCW partners is fellowship, support, shared information and advocacy. Contact the ACCW at eccaccw(at) for information on serving as a regional liaison or to receive contact information for your regional liaison.

Denominational connections

Midwinter Conference | During Midwinter, ACCW meets for education, worship, celebration, fellowship, and business. These events take place mostly on the Monday of the conference and are open to conference participants.
Annual Meeting | During the Annual Meeting, ACCW presents its recognition awards during the Ministerium meeting and hosts a reception for all conferees.
Triennial | During Triennial, ACCW gathers the clergy women in attendance for a shared meal and time of introduction and fellowship. Clergy women often help serve communion to the conferees.

Financial involvement

ACCW functions on donations and annually grants partnerships to those who donate. Partners may vote at the business meeting at the Midwinter Conference following their donation. Partnership is open to clergy women and men who are in good standing with the Department of Ordered Ministry and who support the mission of the association to advocate, support, and encourage women in ministry. Seminary students are also invited to join the association as student members. Clergy women and men are invited to partner with the mission and ministry of ACCW by completing the ACCW Partnership Form and mail it (along with your check) to the address indicated on the form or you can partner with us online in membership or in support of ACCW ministries by clicking here.