Board of Nominations

Board of Nominations

There is a unique group of people that contribute to the denominational level of the Covenant by searching out candidates for each year’s Annual Meeting administrative board ballot. The Board of Nominations finds worthy leaders and servants to influence the Covenant through their journey of faith, expertise, sense of humor, gender, personality, ethnic background, and by their desire to challenge and improve the denomination.

Do you know a leader who may be willing to serve the Covenant? The Board of Nominations invites you to send in any recommendations that you have for potential candidates for an administrative board (including your own name/resume). Especially needed are qualified persons of ethnic background; as the make-up of the Covenant changes, so should our representation. By sending in recommendations or your own personal resume you could help improve the quality of leadership for the denomination. Refer to the list of board descriptions.

For more information please contact Jacqueline Sugihara by email at governance(at), by phone at (773) 596-5429, Posted mail can be sent to the Board of Nominations, Evangelical Covenant Church, 8303 W Higgins Road, Chicago, Illinois, 60631.

Nomination Details and Forms

  • All forms may be downloaded/printed and mailed, or submitted electronically.
  • You may send a resume that you have compiled in a different format if it contains all the information that is requested on the resume form.
  • You may copy and distribute all forms.
  • Recommendation and resume forms may be submitted at any time of the year. Concurrence forms only need to be filled out if you have been asked to have your name placed on a particular ballot.
  • If you submit your resume it may be read by members of the Board of Nominations and the executive director of operations.