Board of the Ordered Ministry

Board of the Ordered Ministry

The Board of the Ordered Ministry consists of fourteen elected members. Twelve of these must be mature, experienced ministers in good standing in the Covenant, and two elected board members must be lay persons. A majority of the elected clergy members of the board shall be ordained to word and sacrament. At least one elected clergy member of the board must be ordained to specialized ministry. At least one elected clergy member of the board must be commissioned. The president of the Covenant, the president of the Covenant Ministerium, the dean of North Park Theological Seminary, the president of the Center for Hispanic Theological Studies (CHET), the executive minister of the Department of the Ordered Ministry, and a liaison from the Executive Board are ex-officio members of the Board of the Ordered Ministry. The director of staff ministry is an advisor to the board.

The executive minister acts as an agent representative of the board between meetings of the board and reports to the board actions taken and representations made on behalf of the board. Together with the board and the Covenant Ministerium, the executive minister develops and administers policies and programs to encourage, support, and care for ministers and missionaries.

The Board of the Ordered Ministry has general supervision over all ordained and licensed ministers, commissioned staff ministers, and consecrated missionaries of the Evangelical Covenant Church, including their ordination, licensure, commissioning, consecration, standing, and discipline, and the maintenance of high standards in their ministry.


  • Greg N. Applequist, First Covenant Church, Omaha, NE, chair
  • Sharon R. Anderson, Pine Lake Covenant Church, Sammamish, WA, secretary