Christian Action Commission

The Christian Action Commission is an appointed standing commission of the Evangelical Covenant Church, whose purpose is to contemplate pertinent social issues and then encourage corporate and individual involvement throughout the denomination. Commission members help educate, develop awareness, and prompt action regarding certain ethical, political, and social issues primarily through preparing statements.

Normally these statements take the form of resolutions, which are reviewed by the Covenant Executive Board and voted on at the Annual Meeting. Resolutions that are accepted join the long tradition of social issues that the church has decided are vital to speak about in light of our faith formation and discipleship. Accepted resolutions are not binding, but serve to bring important social concerns to the attention of the whole church body, stimulate discussion, and help explain the will of a particular gathering of Annual Meeting delegates.

Churches are invited to send resolution drafts to the commission if they would like a particular ethical topic to be reviewed for submission to the Annual Meeting. Please send any resolution proposals before December 15 to:

The Evangelical Covenant Church, Executive Director of Operations
Attn: Christian Action Commission
8303 West Higgins Road
Chicago, IL. 60631
2021 Resolution Proposal:

The Christian Action Commission has taken up the topic Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery for draft submission at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

This resolution briefly explains the Doctrine of Discovery and outlines its-long impact in the U.S.,as well as the damage and trauma it has inflicted onIndigenous peoples. We turn to Scripture to remember that God has created all humans in God’s own image and imbued each individual with God’s image (imago Dei). We confess with our Indigenous brothers and sisters that the whole of creation is the work of God, and we acknowledge the damage done to the Indigenous inhabitants of the Americas through the taking of rights, property, and land. We acknowledge the cultural genocide of Indigenous peoples through sustained and systemic acts of injustice.We acknowledge the complicity of the Christian church (including the Covenant Church) in that dispossession, subjugation, and relegation.We the Evangelical Covenant Church hereby repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery as fundamentally opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.We will seek to support Indigenous people as they identify ways to affirm their inherent human rights and resolve wrongs.

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