Friends of Covenant History

Friends of Covenant History

[pull left]“An acute and honest memory of our heritage, understood in depth, is prerequisite to all forward movement of the Covenant Fellowship.”
– Zenos Hawkinson


Friends of Covenant History, a group formed with the support of the Commission on Covenant History, exists to gather, connect, and equip Covenanters to engage in the Covenant’s story. We envision this group as a network to connect Covenanters to our historical resources, including archival collections and ongoing historiography, and to connect those interested in Covenant heritage to one another, in order to facilitate information exchange and collaboration on relevant events and ongoing projects.

History is ever-expanding, and we believe urgent attention must be given to the dearth of historical records and historiography of ethnic and multi-ethnic Covenanters and congregations. Acquisition of these stories is imperative for telling the full story of the ECC and ensuring critical turning points in the life and mission of the Covenant are not lost. We hope this group will provide a centralized network for recognizing current projects, so that gaps can be identified and addressed.

[pull right”]“We enter the future with more faith and assurance if we have solid information of our past. Without the future the past is idolatry, without the past the future is but a continuing and uncertain innovation.”
– Sigurd Westberg[/pull]