Retreats and Other Events

Retreats and Other Events


Triennial is a four day, international spiritual adventure for women of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Triennial is meaningful worship, thought-provoking speakers, challenging learning experiences, heart-pumping excursions, life-altering spiritual experiences, and opportunities to take next steps in addressing injustice in our world. It is held every three years and is sponsored by Women Ministries. To see photos from Triennial XIV in San Diego (August 2013), click here. To see photos from Triennial XV in Kansas City (July 2016), click here.

I AM is a triennial gathering for women by women taking place July 18-21, 2019 in Minneapolis, MN.
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Fall Retreats

Retreats have always been an opportunity and a place where women can encounter God in a meaningful way, connect with friends, make new ones, and learn through stimulating seminars. It is crucial that your retreat be planned well in advance by a team of committed women who are passionate about the potential for the Holy Spirit to transform lives through this experience. Retreats are also an opportunity to partner with Women Ministries on the denominational level. There are many valuable resources and well-trained women available to make your retreat a memorable experience. For more information, email wmc(at)


Women Ministries Sunday

Women Ministries Sunday is traditionally observed on the Evangelical Covenant Church’s calendar the first Sunday in February, but we encourage you to celebrate it whenever it fits best with your church’s calendar. The purpose of a focus Sunday is to promote Women Ministries as a strategic tool of the church, conference, and denomination and to inform and support women in ministries of spiritual growth, outreach, and service within the church, community, conference, and denomination.

A focus Sunday will recognize Women Ministries throughout the region, the denomination, and the world. Women Ministries Sunday is great time to recognize women in your church who particularly exemplify faithful service to Christ through the church fellowship. Contact us to request recognition awards (silver logo pin and card) which are available to present to the deserving women in your congregation.