Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities

Since its beginning, Women Ministries has engaged in global ministry. Today women of the Covenant faithfully support efforts to advance God’s kingdom around the world as well as those called to serve internationally.

Embrace the Change

Yes, we’ve stopped rolling bandages and making baby goods. But as women who care deeply about people in Congo, we can’t stop helping! We can continue in ways that might be even better! Click here to learn more.

Cross Cultural Opportunities

Cross Cultural Opportunities are available for groups of ten to twelve women to travel in countries with which the Evangelical Covenant Church has mission partnerships. Click here to learn more.

Special Interest Missionaries

The goal of the Special Interest Missionary (SIM) program is for all woman missionaries in the Covenant – single, married, active, or retired – to be partnered with specific affiliates in our local Covenant churches. This crucial networking between missionary and home support group begins when each Covenant woman missionary is linked with one of the ten conferences for a three year period. Every three years, SIMs are connected with a different conference. This way the network of relationships grows as each affiliate experiences the breadth of our global mission. Dynamic relationships between our women missionaries and local affiliates are built as they get to know missionaries and support them. Contact us to learn more about the SIM program.