Young Adult Ministry

Just as each of our stories of faith differ from one another’s, our journeys through adulthood are varied. There is no singular event in life that establishes an individual as an “adult.” Rites of passage vary within societies and across borders. Of course, there are a handful of traditional markers which are particularly evident in the early stages of adulthood and are significant within some communities – including getting married, starting a career, having children, and attaining financial autonomy, while for others it may be, reaching a particular age, voting, or joining the military. The reality is that these transitions are experienced by individuals at widely differing ages, if at all.

Naturally, faith is a lifelong journey – no matter where you’re from, who has nurtured you, your age, financial or marital status, or level of education. The Evangelical Covenant Church is working to formally address the needs particular to those in the early stages of adulthood by organizing opportunities and developing resources for young adults to grow toward wholeness in Christ — expressing the kingdom of God in organic and authentic ways.

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