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Reports on Quake Survivors Slow to Emerge Amid Chaos

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“Keep your Hands to Yourself”


What does a hypocrite look like? The design of this portrait was to portray innocence, someone that could do no harm. She stands at front, behind a dark and lonely road, one that I have come to know all too often and that is the ease of separating myself from others. Jesus shows me to be cautious of appointing myself judge and pointing out the flaws in others. Then he commands me to recognize that I possess flaws (my own sin). It is only then that I might be able to help others recognize how sin hurts ourselves, allowing darkness to swallow us alive. Love covers a multitude of sins both for “those people” and myself. I chose to stand in the light of love and not in the power of darkness.

Karina Whitmarsh
Lakebay, Washington[/vc_column_text] [/vc_column][/vc_row]

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