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Acts of Nature Reports Top May’s Most-Read List

CHICAGO, IL (June 2, 2010) – Stories related to acts of nature were three of the most-read articles in the online Covenant News Service reports.

Readers were interested in the softball-size hail that heavily damaged parts of Oklahoma, the resilient faith of Nashville residents following the floods that destroyed parts of the city, and the unexpected travels of a couple stranded in Europe when their flight was canceled due to volcanic ash.

The headlines below were the most popular stories in May of 2010.

  • Softball-Size Hail Damages Oklahoma City Homes
  • Husby Experiences Dumpster Diving for a Meal
  • Coffee and Christ – A Natural Connection for This Church
  • Nashville: Flood Did Not Wash Away City’s Faith
  • ‘In It Together’ Slide Program Now Available
  • Grounded Flight, Train to Paris – Great Way to Explore the Covenant
  • North Park Celebrates Three Commencements
  • Arizona Church Pursues Fight Against Human Trafficking
  • Six Women to Bike Five Days to Attend Triennial XII
  • Facing Future Ministry Challenges Theme of Meeting in Sweden

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