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Covenant Leaders Honored – Past and Present

ST. PAUL, MN (June 25, 2010) – Former and current members of the Council of Administrators and Council of Superintendents who served between 1985 – the denomination’s centennial anniversary – and 2010 were honored during this morning’s business session.

President Gary Walter invited onstage the 31 administrators who were able to attend and told the delegates, “This is the group that said the kingdom of God is more than just who we are.” Click here for video coverage.

Delegates gave the honorees two extended standing ovations. Following is a list of the leaders:


  • Milton B. Engebretson (deceased)
  • Paul E. Larsen
  • Glenn R. Palmberg
  • Gary B. Walter

Vice President

  • Timothy C. Ek
  • Donn N. Engebretson

Vice President of Administration/Secretary

  • Clifford W. Bjorklund (deceased)
  • Timothy C. Ek
  • John R. Hunt
  • Mary C. Miller

Treasurer/Vice President of Finance

  • Dean A. Lundgren

Christian Formation/Christian Education and Discipleship

  • David S. Noreen
  • Evelyn M.R. Johnson
  • Doreen L. Olson

Church Growth and Evangelism

  • Robert C. Larson
  • James E. Persson
  • Gary B. Walter
  • David T. Olson


  • James R. Hawkinson
  • John E. Phelan Jr.
  • Donald L. Meyer

Covenant Ministries of Benevolence/Benevolent Institutions

  • Nils G. Axelson (deceased)
  • Rolland S. Carlson
  • Paul V. Peterson
  • David A. Dwight

Covenant Trust Company

  • LeRoy M. Johnson
  • Gilman G. Robinson
  • Charles Walles

National Covenant Properties

  • David W. Johnson
  • Stephen R. Dawson

Ordered Ministry

  • Donald A. Njaa
  • Donn N. Engebretson
  • David W. Kersten

Women Ministries/Covenant Women

  • Doris R. Johnson (deceased)
  • Deirdre M. Banks
  • Ruth V. Hill

World Mission

  • Raymond L. Dahlberg
  • James W. Gustafson
  • Curtis D. Peterson

North Park University/College

  • William Hausman
  • David Horner
  • David Parkyn

North Park Theological Seminary

  • Robert K. Johnston
  • John Bray
  • John E. Phelan Jr.

Canada Conference

  • Gerald V. Stenberg
  • Jerome K. Johnson
  • Jeff Anderson

Central Conference

  • Herbert M. Freedholm
  • Jerome O. Nelson

East Coast Conference

  • Robert L. Erickson
  • George B. Elia
  • Robert C. Dvorak
  • Howard K. Burgoyne

ECC of Alaska

  • Donald J. Bruckner
  • Henry W. Pearson
  • Paul V. Wilson
  • Rodney J. Sawyer

Great Lakes Conference

  • David S. Dahlberg
  • Richard B. Lucco

Midsouth Conference

  • Garth T. Bolinder

Midwest Conference

  • Warren D. Swanson (deceased)
  • K. Wesley Olson
  • Kenneth P. Carlson

North Pacific Conference

  • Edward Larson (deceased)
  • Delmar Anderson
  • Roy M. Lindquist (deceased)
  • Glenn R. Palmberg
  • Mark A. Novak

Northwest Conference

  • Stanley R. Henderson
  • Paul H. Erickson
  • James A. Fretheim

Pacific Southwest Conference

  • Luverne Sands
  • John C. Notehelfer
  • Evelyn M.R. Johnson

Southeast Conference

  • Chester E. Larson
  • Kurt A. Miericke
  • Robert Owens

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