Scholarships for Orphans Offer Hope

CHICAGO, IL (November 7, 2011) – As Christians around the world observed Orphan Sunday yesterday, Kim Crawford of the Department of World Mission, exhorted Covenanters to remember the children who are so easily forgotten.

Crawford works with the Covenant Kids ministry, a scholarship program for children in underprivileged communities coordinated by World Mission, alongside Covenant World Relief and Paul Carlson Partnership.

The Covenant works with indigenous partners in four other countries, says Crawford. Covenant Kids supports work with orphans and vulnerable children in India, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan.

Crawford is sometimes asked why the Covenant doesn’t operate its own orphanages, but she says working with the partners is more cost-effective. The partners minister by offering both non-formal and formal education programs, which include providing clothing, meals, and medical checkups.

Not every child who is considered an orphan has suffered the loss of both parents, says Crawford. Sometimes their parents have abandoned them for reasons ranging from poverty to lack of desire to care for the children.

Through other Covenant Kids scholarship programs children who live with impoverished parents are given an opportunity to live fuller lives. The programs also can reduce the likelihood that children will be trafficked as well as protect them from other atrocities.

Roda is a teenager in South Sudan who says she is grateful for the Good Hope Academy. Before coming to the school, she had attended a Muslim school where she was taught only the Koran and was forced to endure female genital mutilation. In that setting Roda, and many children like her, were vulnerable to abuse and kidnapping. Today she is excelling in her studies. To see a video of Roda, click here.

Crawford notes that Covenanters who have lived according to the biblical command to care for the widow and orphan have made such transformations possible. Covenant Kids provides an opportunity for people to contribute to the life-changing experiences.

By giving just $25 a month, donors can provide food, clothing, and school supplies. For more information on Covenant Kids, email Crawford or call 773-784-3000. More information also is available at the Covenant Kids blog and website.

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