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Eighty years after the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) sent its first missionaries to DR Congo, Covenanters continue to be deeply invested in the work of our sister church. Now considerably larger than our church here, the Congo Covenant Church (CEUM) provides essential services to its communities under some of the most challenging conditions in our world. Here are some of the many ways the Covenant joins their work.

Covenant World Mission

Covenant World Mission connects ECC congregations to our partner church in Congo, CEUM, by sending missionaries, facilitating vision trips, and promoting projects that support the ongoing work of the church. Missionaries and church groups minister alongside the CEUM in these areas:

  • discipleship and evangelism
  • medical care
  • education in schools, universities, and seminaries
  • women’s ministries
  • development of agriculture, technology, power, and water
  • administration and finance

Covenant World Relief

Prior to the revival of Paul Carlson Partnership in 2004, CWR had a long history of partnering with the CEUM, especially in the areas of education, medical, and community development. After 2004, CWR was able to expand its work with additional partners around the world. Recently, CWR approved a small disaster response grant with the CEUM to help fund the church’s work with refugees from Central African Republic.

Paul Carlson Partnership

Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) seeks to assist with medical and economic development needs and initiatives in Congo. PCP partners with Congolese leadership, investing in local ownership for long-term sustainable change. Its impact is multiplied through microfinance and the Training of the Trainers method used by Medical Ambassadors. Churches, medical professionals, business and microfinance professionals, and passionate volunteers join PCP to raise the standard of healthcare, support local businesses, and equip better livelihoods in the poorest region of the poorest country in the world.

Covenant Kids Congo

Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision is a long-term comprehensive development project that works in the areas of clean water, education, agriculture, health, economic development, and advocacy to build a better world for children and families. This is the largest project World Vision has ever taken on, and the largest partnership the ECC has been engaged in. Join Covenant Kids Congo by sponsoring a child, and celebrate the progress that has already been made:

  • three new schools completed, serving more than 1,500 students
  • three deep wells being drilled to serve more than 36,000 people
  • training of thousands of people in improved agriculture and microcredit practices
  • capacity-building and leadership training for local churches and organizations

Women Ministries of the ECC

For decades, Covenant women have been involved in Congo in a wide variety of ways, including working to support women’s literacy, educational opportunities, and medical missionaries. Their goal is to see women in Congo flourish as they are empowered through education and literacy, economic development, and mini-grants for missionaries. Specific projects include:

  • support of Lycée Vanette, a secondary school for girls built with Women Ministries project funds
  • economically empowering women in Congo to make much-needed items, such as baby goods and medical supplies for CEUM hospitals and clinics
  • support for special interest missionaries through mini-grants, which currently fund seminary wives’ education at Ubangi Protestant University

About the Author

  • Diana Trautwein is a retired Covenant pastor who offers spiritual direction from her small study or by Skype. She lives on the central coast of California with her husband, Richard, where they attend Montecito Covenant Church. They have three grown children and eight grandchildren. She enjoys taking her elderly mom, who suffers from dementia, out to lunch every week. She blogs at Just Wondering (dianatrautwein.com).

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