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250 Pounds of Legos Make for Great Children’s Project

CANTON, MI (March 25, 2015) — When staff members at the Great Lakes Conference offices want to make copies, they have to squeeze around 250 pounds of Legos.

“They’ve pretty much taken over the copier room,” Jody Eidnes said, laughing.

The Legos are used by churches as part of a children’s program in which kids plan and build an entire city made of colorful toy bricks. The children learn that just as an architect creates structures, God has created every person, and each person’s life has a purpose. Additionally, they learn that they are being built together into a community—the church.

Churches are able to check out the Legos for programs such as Sunday school lessons or evening and after-school programs. They can reserve them for a week or longer if no other churches need the set. “The only thing I ask is that they come back sorted out,” Eidnes, office administrator for the conference, said.

The Legos are packaged in dozens of boxes in a set that includes tables and a large base on which to build the Lego city. The conference office recently acquired a trailer that ultimately might be used to help transport the Legos.

Boxes of Legos for churches to use are stacked up in the Great Lakes Conference office.
Boxes of Legos for churches to use are stacked up in the Great Lakes Conference office.

Churches taking advantage of the project have included the Leroy (Michigan) Covenant Church, Citadel of Faith Covenant Church in Detroit, Michigan, and Forest Park Covenant Church in Muskegon, Michigan.

“If you haven’t heard of the Lego Project or made use of it, you are missing a wonderful opportunity to reach children with the gospel in creative ways!” said Jesse Slimak, pastor of the Leroy congregation. That congregation used the project for their afterschool club and for their annual Trunk or Treat community outreach.

Eidnes said the project has been a strong attraction for bringing in people from the community, especially men wanting to help their kids.

The idea for the project came after Eidnes traveled to Germany and saw how the Free Church in Germany was using Lego cities as a successful outreach. “Theirs was going from church to church every week, with only two weeks off to clean the pieces,” Eidnes said.

She was awed by the size of their undertaking. “They have close to 800 pounds of Legos, and their city has a train that goes around the outside,” Eidnes said.

Despite the cramped office quarters, Eidnes said, “I would love to have 300 to 400 pounds. We’re always looking for donations.”

For more information, contact the conference office at (734) 451-4670, or email Eidnes.

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