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CHICAGO (Feb. 29, 2020) – On this Leap Year day, we share 29 stories that have appeared in the Companion in the past four years, many of which have won national awards. All have contributed to the publication being twice named the best denominational magazine during that time.

These stories explore the intersection of Covenanters’ lives with broader social issues, share accounts of personal transformation and triumph, and offer practical advice.

We hope you will be inspired and changed as you revisit these pieces or discover them for the first time.

  1. The Good News of Taco Tuesday, by Ric Wild
  2. Addiction and the Church,” by Dana Bowman
  3. Population 1,500,” by Elisabeth Fondell
  4. American Lessons,” by Mark Won
  5. The Word Without Words,” by Danielle Ng
  6. The Sacramental Cup,” by Hauna Ondrey
  7. A Gospel Opportunity,” by Jelani Greenidge
  8. Unsung Saints,” by Companion staff
  9. Settling for a Fix-It God,” by Kevin Butcher
  10. Nobody Requests a Shipwreck,” by Steve Norman
  11. Diagnosis Cancer,” by Kelly Johnston, Rebecca Gonzalez, Dick Lucco, David Beck, and Mike FitzGerald
  12. There’s No Crying in VBS,” by Dana Bowman
  13. Church Planting: A Shot at Redemption,” by Jill Riley
  14. Letters from Stateville,” by students in North Park Theological Seminary’s School of the Restorative Arts
  15. A Place for James,” by Vicki Newendorp
  16. A Theology of the Undead,” by Zachary Lee
  17. My Secret Shame,” by Jill Riley
  18. The CEO Has Left the Sanctuary,” by Mike Mirakian
  19. Clear and Present Danger,” by Stan Friedman and Jordan Cone
  20. The Marriage Elite,” by Nilwona Nowlin
  21. Traces of Faith,” by Nilwona Nowlin
  22. Called by God, Part 1” and Part 2, by the Companion staff
  23. Redemption Song,” by Stan Friedman
  24. Meet and Greet Survival Guide,” by Linda Sladkey
  25. Centered on Kids,” by Erin Chan Ding, Cathy Norman Peterson, and Tony Gervase
  26. Always on My Mind,” by Marvin B. Eppard
  27. The Word on the Street,” by Jill Riley
  28. When Palestine Becomes Personal,” by Cat Knarr
  29. A Call in the Wild,” by Mike Coglan

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    The Communications staff at The Evangelical Covenant Church works to bring you the most complete information on the stories that matter to the Covenant.

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