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Jennifer McIntyre Called to Serve as Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Jennifer McIntyre has been called to serve as the executive director of marketing and communications for the Evangelical Covenant Church and ratified by the Covenant Executive Board. She will lead the marketing and communications team in social media, website, branding, public relations, the denomination’s magazine, and the creation of resources and materials. McIntyre began serving in the role on January 19.

As the Covenant grows in its storytelling, it is focused on building and strengthening the overall story of who Covenanters are and the impact they are making around the world. Just as Jesus recognized the power of story with parables, the Covenant aims to weave its own narrative of making more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world through story.

The team name is now “marketing and communications” to reflect the need to promote Covenant resources, curriculum, ministry opportunities, and events to pastors and congregations in a strategic manner. McIntyre, who brings a wealth of strategic marketing experience, will help lead the church in this work.

“Jennifer’s unique qualifications and high competence in areas of marketing and communications, strategic leadership, and system management make her a wonderful addition to the team,” said Rebecca Gonzalez, chief operating officer for the Covenant. “Her faith, passion for ministry, and godly character will greatly complement our culture and help advance our missional objectives.”

McIntyre brings more than 25 years of experience in ministry, civic, corporate, and nonprofit engagements. She has led communications strategies and overseen teams at Urban Ministries, Feeding America, and AT&T. She has served as a leader in her local church and held executive leadership roles with the Roselle Board of Education and a Christian school.

“I am excited and humbled to have been selected to lead the marketing and communications team within the Evangelical Covenant Church at this very time when we are witnessing a critical inflection point in the history of the church,” said McIntyre. “Communicating the love and the mission of Christ to the world is of paramount importance and is a mandate that never changes throughout Scripture. It’s the original ‘brand,’ and is reflected from the question Moses asks, ‘Who do I say sent me?’ (Exodus 3:13) to the question Jesus asks Peter, ‘Who do you say that I am?’ (Matthew 16:15). It is the substance of our evangelistic efforts and the vitality of our local churches.”

McIntyre continued, “My husband, Randy, and I, along with our children Mikayla and Aaron, thank you for your prayers and for allowing us this opportunity to serve the Evangelical Covenant Church.”

According to Covenant bylaws, the executive director of communications (now expanded to marketing and communications) is an appointed position. The six-week screening process included extensive interviews. The search committee was comprised of Carl Helfrich, chair of the communications committee for the Executive Board; John Wenrich, president of the Evangelical Covenant Church; Angela Yee, chief ministry officer for the Evangelical Covenant Church; Rebecca Gonzalez, chief operating officer for the Evangelical Covenant Church; Paul Robinson, executive ministry of Love Mercy Do Justice for the Evangelical Covenant Church; Gayle Gilreath, executive director of advancement for the Evangelical Covenant Church; Rita Sheppard, operations specialist for the Evangelical Covenant Church; and Christine Cape, communications consultant for Guardian PR.

McIntyre lives in the Chicagoland area and will be attending a local Covenant church on the city’s South Side.

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