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Throughout the denomination, Covenanters are constantly creating original music to express devotion to God. We collected a few samples.

Markeyta Sconiers

New Community Covenant Church | Chicago, Illinois

“The Sacrifice”

My favorite season on the church calendar is Holy Week leading up to the ultimate celebration, Resurrection Sunday. The thought of Christ’s sacrifice makes me emotional every time. The song “The Sacrifice” is a love letter to Jesus. It was easy to pen, expressing my gratitude for the love Christ displayed giving his life for me. To imagine God’s love for me amid all of my messiness, faults, and sin is overwhelming. I’m honored to love Christ in this way.

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Claudio Carrasco

Iglesia Creekside | Redmond, Washington

“Salmo 50”

We started this project two years ago when churches were closed due to the pandemic. Our worship team and I knew that we could not just go home and do nothing, so I started to produce the music for Psalm 50, record voices, and plan a video shooting. We recorded in three different locations (the Dunes in Othello, the Columbia River mountains, and Everett shores). For various reasons, the original video’s release was delayed a couple of times. When the war in Ukraine started, I knew it was time to release it, and we did so with English and Ukrainian subtitles. Psalm 50 is a message of salvation for everyone who cries out to the Lord. These are words of love and security for all who have made a covenant with Jesus.

Platform: YouTube

Danny Martinez

Central Conference | Chicago, Illinois


When people show you who they are, believe them. Surround yourself with people who tell you the truth and care for you enough to tell you when you are wrong. Good friends are hard to find. This is a salsa song that will make you happy.

Platform: Spotify

Peter Gothold

Edgewater Covenant Church | Pittsburg, California

“You Are All I Have”

“You Are All I Have” was born from frustration and despair. I was in a season of insecurity, doubt, and fear. I had two young sons, was working three jobs, and nothing was stable. I was scared, on my way to pretty severe burnout, and desperate for relief. During that time, I experienced the dryness of Psalm 63 firsthand. As is often my pattern, I wrote several angry songs and one hopeful song. This is that hopeful song. The bridge words, “I want you for you, not what you can do,” hit me every time I sing them, as I am immediately transported back to that raw period when I would have done anything for just a drop of God’s goodness to quench my dry lips. God didn’t “rescue” me at that time, but I was able to find healing in knowing that God was, is, and will always be closer than my breath.

Platform: Bandcamp

Jelani Greenidge (G-Natural)

Access Covenant Church | Portland, Oregon

“In God I Boast”

I wrote this song during a transition between my current job as missional storyteller for the Covenant and my last job driving a school bus. I was reflecting on a season of intense longing and frustration about some of my unfulfilled professional goals and some of the events and initiatives that I’ve tried (and failed) to bring to fruition, either altogether or in the manner that I’d hoped. At the same time, I was also grateful for the talent God has given me and feeling extra free to express myself in a way that I hadn’t in a while. So this song was birthed out of both joy and humility, echoing Psalm 44:8: “In God we make our boast, all day long.”

Platform: YouTube


About the Author

  • Jelani Greenidge

    Jelani Greenidge is the missional storyteller for the Evangelical Covenant Church and ministers in and around Portland, Oregon, as a worship musician, cultural consultant, and stand-up comic.

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