Medical Insurance

Administered by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Preferred Provider Organization plan with across-the-country and around-the-world coverage
  • Low $300 deductible for individual plans and $600 deductible for family plans
  • 80% coverage of most in-network expenses after deductible
  • $1,500 maximum out-of-pocket cost per year (after deductible) for individual plans and $3,000 maximum for family plans
  • $20 co-pays for office visits, including in-network specialists and counselors
  • Medicare secondary coverage for Medicare-eligible retirees and employees of small churches
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions or waiting period (unless waiting period required by local church or organization)
  • Enhanced benefit for certain procedures and services at Blue Distinction Centers (deductible waived, 90% coverage)


Download the complete program book and other resources here.