Block A (3-5 year) Year 3, Spring

Block A (3-5 year) Year 3, Spring

God’s Word

The goal of this session is to encourage children to foster a relationship with God. Children will come to understand that God has been communicating with humans since the creation of the world through face to face interactions, and other forms. They will learn that today, one of the ways God communicates with us is through the Bible.
Title – Download

Intro – Download

Index – Download

Week 1: The Word of God Revealed In Nature (A.3.SPRING.1)- Download

Week 2: The Word of God Written In Our Conscience (A.3.Spring.2) – Download

Week 3: The Word of God Written On Stones (A.3.SPRING.3) – Download

Week 4: God Spoke To Abraham (A.3.SPRING.4) – Download

Week 5: God Spoke To Moses (A.3.SPRING.5) – Download

Week 6: God Spoke Through Moses (A.3.SPRING.6) – Download

Week 7: God, An Angel, and Gideon (A.3.SPRING.7) – Download

Week 8: God Speaks My Language (A.3.SPRING.8) – Download

Week 9: Where Is It Written? (A.3.SPRING.9) – Download

Week 10: How to Study the Bible 1 (A.3.SPRING.10) – Download

Week 11: How to Study the Bible 2 (A.3.SPRING.11) – Download

Week 12: How to Study the Bible 3 (A.3.SPRING.12) – Download

Week 13: We Are Open Letters (A.3.SPRING.13) – Download

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