Block B (6-8 Years), Year 3, Fall

Block B (6-8 Years), Year 3, Fall

God’s People

In this session, children will learn about the important facets of Abraham’s life, including his faith and reputation as a friend of God. Based on the example of Abraham and Sarah’s life, children will learn to trust, believe and hope in the promises of God in their lives.
Title – Download

Intro – Download

Index – Download

Week 1: The Family and Faith of Abraham and Sarah (B.3.FALL.1) – Download

Week 2: Abraham, Sarah, and Their Faith Adventure (B.3.FALL.2) – Download

Week 3: Faith and Saying Good-bye to Haran (B.3.FALL.3) – Download

Week 4: The Faith of Abraham and Sarah and Their Praise to God (B.3.FALL.4) – Download

Week 5: Faith in a Strange Land (B.3.FALL.5) – Download

Week 6: Faith in a Moment of Decision (B.3.FALL.6) – Download

Week 7: Faith and the Promise of God (B.3.FALL.7) – Download

Week 8: Faith in a Moment of Crisis (B.3.FALL.8) – Download

Week 9: Faith When Facing Three Visitors (B.3.FALL.9) – Download

Week 10: Faith and the Salvation of Lot (B.3.FALL.10) – Download

Week 11: Faith is Rewarded With a Son (B.3.FALL.11) – Download

Week 13: Abraham and Sarah and Their Faith Offering (B.3.FALL.12) – Download

Week 12: Abraham and Sarah’s Faith is An Example to Follow (B.3.FALL.13) – Download

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